About Me

Picture of Elliot Trevail

Elliot Trevail- Freelance Website Designer/Developer

From the beginning…

I grew up in the Blue Mountains. I have always been interested in computers and gaming, as well as being very active.
After I graduated High School I did further study on Information Technology and System Administration. I found if I went into that kind work it would be quite boring. I continued study into Website Development which I found creating websites to be quite fun. I got a Diploma in Website development.

Website development also provides me opportunities for learning new things and facing new challenges.

Other pursuits

Playing badminton and ultimate frisbee has brought a great deal of joy and positivity to my life. These sports promote physical activity, team collaboration and overall mental well-being. Badminton requires quick reflexes and sharp hand-eye coordination, improving my physical agility. Ultimate frisbee is an excellent aerobic exercise that allows me to stay active while also socializing with others.

Bushwalking has been my go-to activity to escape the chaos of daily life and connect with nature. The peaceful environment helps me clear my head and regain focus, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Where am I now…

I am now a freelance website developer, so that I can have more freedom in my life, be able to engage my creativity and for the people that I work with to achieve their goals